Below you will find the legislation that Representative Landgraf sponsored last session and is sponsoring this session. In order to read the up-to-date version of the bill, including a short summary, click on the read more button. If you have questions or comments on any piece of legislation, please feel free to contact Representative Landgraf.

HB18-1060 Income Tax Deduction For Military Retirement Benefits

Concerning a state income tax deduction for military retirement benefits for an individual who is under fifty-five years of age.

HB18-1078 Court Programs For Veterans

Concerning court programs for defendants who have served in the armed forces.

HB18-1187 Food And Drug Administration Cannabidiol Drug Use

Concerning the lawful use of a prescription drug that contains cannabidiol that is approved by the United States food and drug administration.

HB18-1348 Child Welfare Information And Services

Concerning families involved in the child welfare system, and, in connection therewith, prioritizing services and providing support for foster parents.

HB18-1364 Sunset Colorado Council Persons With Disabilities

Concerning the continuation of the Colorado advisory council for persons with disabilities, and, in connection therewith, implementing the sunset review recommendations of the department of regulatory agencies.

HB18-1346 Abuse Of Youth Under 21 In Care Of Institution

Concerning child abuse related to youth who are under the continuing jurisdiction of the court in an out-of-home placement when they are younger than twenty-one years of age.

HB18-1302 Toxicology Lab Certification Waiver Colorado Department Of Public Health And Environment

Concerning the allowance of the department of public health and environment to waive certification requirements for toxicology laboratories that have been accredited by an entity using recognized forensic standards.

HB18-1239 Sunset Environmental Management System Permit Program

Concerning continuation under the sunset law of the environmental management system permit program, and, in connection therewith, implementing the recommendations of the sunset report by the department of regulatory agencies by allowing the program to repeal.

HB18-1212 Freestanding Emergency Departments Licensure

Concerning the licensing of freestanding emergency departments.

HB18-1192 Application Assistance Federal Disability Benefits

Concerning application assistance for persons seeking federal disability benefits.

HB18-1182 Statewide System For Advance Directives

Concerning a statewide system of advance directives.

HB18-1068 Eliminate Registered In Naturopathic Doctor Title

Concerning the elimination of 'registered' in the title of a naturopathic doctor.

SB17-075 Income Tax Deduction For Military Retirement Benefits

Concerning a state income tax deduction for military retirement benefits.

HB17-1228 Pet Animal Care Technology Platform Regulation

Concerning licensing exemptions related to pet animal facilities, including those utilizing technology in their business models.

HB17-1186 Health Coverage Prescription Contraceptives Supply

Concerning a requirement that health benefit plans required to cover contraception reimburse dispensers for dispensing a multiple-months' supply of prescription contraceptives. Insurance

SB17-121 Improve Medicaid Client Correspondence

Concerning improving medicaid client correspondence, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

SB16-196 Inclusive Higher Education Pilot Program

Concerning the creation of a pilot program for inclusive higher education for persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and, in connection therewith, making an appropriation.

HB17-1078 Transfer Funds From Family Support Loan Program

Concerning the repeal of the Colorado family support loan program, and, in connection therewith, transferring funds from the Colorado family support loan program to the family support services program to provide services for families of persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

HB17-1143 Audits of Medicaid Client Correspondence

Concerning audits of correspondence sent to medicaid clients.

HB17-1322 Domestic Violence Reports By Medical Professionals

Concerning injuries resulting from domestic violence.

HB17-1072 Human Trafficking Sexual Servitude

Concerning human trafficking for sexual servitude.

HB17-1222 Create Family Caregiver Support Fund Tax Check-off

Concerning a voluntary contribution designation benefiting the family caregiver support fund that appears on the state individual tax return forms.