"It has been my pleasure to work alongside Lois LANDGRAF promoting charter schools and parent choice in education. She has been an effective partner in our work to diminish and roll back the Common Core from the classrooms of Colorado".

Paul Lundeen
Paul Lundeen State Representative HD 19, Former State Board of Education

"Lois has assisted the efforts of the Republicans on the State Board of Education to eliminate Common Core from Colorado standards and curriculum.  I am proud to work with her to resist the federal intrusion into Colorado’s public schools.".

Steve Durham
Steve Durham State Board of Education

“Rep. Landgraf has been in the trenches with us. She knows the concerns of the district because she has lived them.” ~ Daniel Hodges

“Lois has supported our community by introducing legislation relative to the PPRTA, as well as aided in our efforts to work with the Air Force in resolving PFOA issues in our water.”
Mayor Gabe Ortega


Only candidate for HD21 endorsed by the NRA