Military and Veterans

As the wife of a 26 year Army veteran it has been a special honor to represent the women and men who live and work on Ft. Carson as well as the many active and retired military personnel who live throughout House District 21. Our national security personnel are the best trained in the world, and we must never forget the duty that they fulfill for our nation. It is imperative that Americans remain committed to ensuring that our troops have the training, equipment and support they need to defend America’s homeland and her allies and interests and to keep them safe. We must never forget the sacrifices our veterans have made for us and provide them with every benefit and service they need and deserve.

As State Representative I have fought for the veterans and military service members of this state. During the 2018 session I am running a bill that will give tax deductions to veterans under 55. As well I am running a bill that compels Colorado courts to better serve veterans and active duty service members.